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Single Floor Kerala House Design

Single Floor Kerala House Design

Single Floor Kerala House Design

Home is where the heart is! For some people, it’s their dream to construct a beautiful home with well structured and designed. There are budget houses that can be designed in such a way with elegance as well as comfort without compromising the quality and the requirement. Similarly, the single-floor house in Kerala can be constructed on a low budget, and it’s the perfect option by doing the proper planning. The initiative of the process should be done by selecting the desired area. You can talk to a builder about constructing a Single floor Kerala house design on budget and as per your desires. Do not forget to discuss your ideas and what you must have at your place. Here are the tips for a well-designed single-floor house in Kerala.

Living Room Tips

The living room is a part of the house that reflects its personality. Creating a stunning living room will allow the owners to relax and have the best family time. It must be attractive for welcoming guests. Here are the tips for creating one –

Add greenery

Yes, it will look quite attractive if you add greenery inside the house. It can be done by planting beautiful flowers and plants in the living room. There are many beautiful designer ports, but you can also go with seasonal plants as well as arrange them perfectly. It will be less expensive and make the entire area eco-friendly.

Select the right lights and color

The following way for Single floor Kerala house design is to select the perfect color and lights for your living room. Combining the right color is the main way of adding beauty to your living place. The colors, warmth, and beauty of the space need to be done adequately. Besides that, the selection of theme, paint, as well as wall stripes need to be done with proper contrast.

Bedroom Décor Tips

The bedroom is a space that is always a multi-utility room where people can study, work, rest, as well as other proper management. Therefore, it’s vital to make the bedroom attractive and valuable.

It can be completed in the following ways –

Storage ideas

The bedroom must be a space where every inch of space counts. Don’t you think so? A tidy room can be made with some orderly plans and mind. It’s proficient at creating the bedrooms so that various storage can be done. Some clever storage ideas can even be made in small bedrooms.

Floating shelves

The suitable, as well as valuable demand for small bedrooms, is storage units. It can be fulfilled with the floating shelf. It’s a great choice to go with rectangular frames to create more storage space in the room. The noticeable fact about the floating shelf is that it can be installed anywhere in the room effortlessly.

Kitchen interior Tips

The kitchen interior can be prepared with Trends as well as aesthetics in proper planning. After all, it is the inevitable part of every house. So here are the best ways to beautifully prepare a single-floor Kerala house design.

U shape kitchen

To save the space in your kitchen, the stylish way is to go for a U-shaped kitchen. First, there are the overhead cabinets and side shelves for arranging stuff. With the U-shaped kitchen, people can promptly get some space for the breakfast counter, as well as people will get to the working area.

L shape kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen gives people more space to store the stuff but less space for working. If it is compared U-shaped, it has less space for adjusting the breakfast table or working. But the storage is high with many shelves, cabinets, a tall loft, as well as drawers. These units will solve the problem of people by reducing the cost. In addition, the laminate finish will be good as well as more economical.


The construction of the dream house can be done with all your preferences and basic requirements. Nakshadekho states that adding an extra touch to the house by installing ceiling lights with different shades. There are many smart light bulbs that can offer an elegant look along with a temperature offers to choose between a warm as well as a cold colour scheme. It will ensure an impressive look at your house.

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