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About Us

HSS Naksha was started from 2009, it is the No.1 online platform where Architects, Civil engineers, Interior Designers and Marketing Professionals from different locations has joined hands to provide cost effective architectural solution. Apart from this our team take care of quality of house plans. The team is led by experienced Architects & Engineers. We always tries to deliver the house plans as per client’s requirement and architecture feasibility.

Why Hire Our Franchise ?

By hiring our franchise, you will get a wide range of opportunities to expand your own work in various Architectural, Civil Engg.& Interior projects. As a result you will take your business to a higher level.

Categories of Franchise

We classified the franchise into two basic categories. Each category has its respective advantages. One can choose any of the below option as per their expertise. These are further explain as bellow

Architect & Civil Engineer

Interior Work

*Note: The above 10% Business maintenance fee will be deducted by the company in the 1st week of the month.

Franchisee Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have minimum 1 year working experience/tenure in your region in the respective category i.e Architect, Civil Engg. & Interior Designer.
  • Knowledge of basic computers and softwares like AutoCad, MAX and MS Excel.
  • Must have passed either of the following educational qualification : Architecture,B.Arch/ M. Arch, 3 year Diploma or Degree in Civil Engineering/B.Tech/M.Tech, 3 year Diploma or Degree in Interior Designs.

Benefits of Franchise

There are plenty of benefits that one can extract from any of the above category of Naksha Dekho franchise because we offer our professional services all over the world.

  • Individual Identity :- The great benefit of our Franchise is that we appoint a single individual( Architect/Civil Engg./ Interior Designer) in a single city. This thing highlight you in that particular city.
  • Marketing & Advertising :- We will share & post your work on our Social media channels and your Name will be specifically mention on it.
  • Guarantied Clients:- We will give 5 to 20 clients yearly who are 100% interested. You need not to make efforts to convert them.
  • General Enquiries:- A part from above guarantied clients we will give another 5 to 30 monthly enquiries. You can expand your customer base with your expert knowledge and generate more revenue.
  • Site Visit :- A franchisee can earn additional income by giving Site visit assistance. You can cover 100 km of your surrounded area and charge Rs.1500/- to 2000/- per site visit.
  • Promote your Business :- A detailed Profile of franchisee will be shown on our website that will highlight your entity.
  • Technical Support & Training :- In order to achieve good customer base we will provide our best support in the required field. If the franchisee unable to complete any project we will do it on our behalf.

Duties & Obligations of the Franchisee

  • Franchisee must take an initiative to build good reputation of the firm and develop customer relationship.
  • Maintain good behaviour while delivering the services and assisting the clients.
  • Report any issues, changes in the Plan of Action for the project to Naksha Dekho.
  • Deliver quality work and services.
  • Be responsible and responsive towards Naksha Dekho and its clients.
  • Franchisee will be liable for Monthly reporting in the 1st week of every month.

Franchise Terms & Conditions

  • As a Franchise of HSS Naksha Dekho, you cannot undertake or complete any tasks provided by us as your personal project. If you are found working with our client personally, for your personal benefits then the subscription fees paid to us will be forfeited and no further leads will be provided to you through HSS Naksha Dekho..
  • Any direct and indirect monetary transactions between your firm and the client is impermissible. However if a situation arises wherein transaction must take place, it should initially be intimated to us and transaction must take place through and by HSS Naksha Dekho.
  • You must as a Franchise of HSS Naksha Dekho intimate your work schedule to us.
  • As a Franchise of Naksha Dekho you must respond to us for any information and updates that our company may require.
  • On HSS Naksha Dekho’s reasonable request you must agree to do or execute things for the betterment and goodwill of us and yours.
  • As a Franchise you must take care of every Site visit. You must cross verify the client in case of any mishappening company will not be responsible for it.

Important Notice

If the Franchise fails to comply with all the conditions and conduct any fraud, the subscription fee will be forfeited and your agreement with us will be declared null/void.


Franchise Partners

Naksha Dekho

Nisar Khan (Civil Engineer)

 with 5 Years of Experience

 from Sikar, Rajasthan

Naksha Dekho

Harish Sharma (Civil Engineer

with 9 Years of Experience 

from Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

Jai Krishan (Civil Engineer

with 6 Years of Experience 

from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

Naksha Dekho Team

Rajendra Singh (Civil Engineer

with 8 Years of Experience 

from Bathinda, Punjab