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Pooja Room

Vastu for Pooja Rooms

The pooja room houses the family’s gods, sculptures, as well as religious books as well as is primarily used for prayer, devotion, as well as mindfulness. It is a holy location upon which all positive vibes spreads towards the other spaces.

 The pooja room, although according to Hindu philosophy, is critical in generating as well as disseminating positivity across your house. Nevertheless, few people are very much in Vastu principles.

 To make it much easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the most crucial  Vastu guidelines for your home. Let’s begin with it.

Vastu Guidelines For Pooja Rooms

We’ve compiled a list of all the most crucial pooja room Vastu guidelines for your home. Let’s begin with it.

Divine Guidance

The Vastu placement of the pooja chamber is critical in determining its auspicious air. The northeast is the perfect location for the pooja room If you’re constructing a massive home as well as have to influence over where your mandir is located, we highly advise you to avoid the basement as well as upper levels. It is advisable to build your mandir on the bottom floor.

The Architecture of a Sanctuary to Invite Goddess

  •  The ceiling in your pooja room ought to be modest. A tower or gopura-like top will help to create a good environment. If capacity permits, a barrier, as well as a two-door entrance, must be explored.

Icon Positioning

When your pooja room’s plan, as well as construction, is complete, it’s time to start putting your idol. Always positioned a pooja room in a gap from the wall. Pictures of the deceased as well as artworks of evil have no place in your pooja room.

Holy Safekeeping

  •  Are you unsure wherever to keep all of your religious literature, candles, as well as pooja-related objects? According to Vastu, shelving must always face southeast, with no hoarding over the idol.

Good Vibes Calming Colors

Use bright colours like white, light blue, or bright yellow to create a peaceful mood. If you choose marble, white, pale yellow, or terracotta will look great.

Navigate to Your Pooja Room

The entry to your pooja room should really be clutter-free. Deity should never be positioned at the front of the mandir’s entranceway. The entryway requires a somewhat higher bar than the remainder of the room.

Is it possible to have windows in a Pooja Room?

In order to expel smoke from ash as well as other burning donations, your mandir will require different types of airflow. With the help of some objects like windows, you can disband the unusual smoke flow.

Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Designing a Pooja Room

You really shouldn’t keep some items in your Pooja room. Most of these artifacts cause obstruction of great energy that develops in the Pooja room. 

  • Should not overfill your pooja room.
  • Never put photographs, paintings, or statues of birds, animals, violent situations, or fights in your pooja room.
  • Avoid things that are isn’t part of your ceremonies.
  • Money or luxuries should never be kept in your pooja room.
  • Install a dustbin outside of the pooja room. 


By reading the entire article at Nakshadekho, you have gotten an idea that how to place, things to remember, and other related objects while preparing your pooja room.