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Creating Your Dream Home: New Home Map Design Essentials 

Creating Your Dream Home: New Home Map Design Essentials 

Building a home is always starts with creating a perfect floor plan. We offer home designs and are focused on house floor plans. If you are looking for house floor plans in India and need accurate measurements with AutoCAD software, is here to help you. 

We have an extensive collection of floor plans made especially for homes in India. They are exact, and you can use them with AutoCAD software if you are searching for three-bedroom house plans or need help making detailed house plan drawings. 

Our House Floor Plans Services: 

We offer a wide variety of house floor plans; Some are below, and if you want more, you can check on Nakshadekho

  • House Floor Plans in India: 

If you are looking for home plans that are perfect for India, you can find many on our website. We have an extensive collection of architectural designs to choose from. You can look at our website and choose a plan. You can also select bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living space designs. 

  • House Floor Plans with Dimensions: 

We provide House floor plans with correct dimensions because proper measurements are essential when making a floor plan. We make sure our house floor plans have exact measurements. These measurements are helpful for contractors or architects. 

  • House Floor plans with AutoCAD: 

We provide house plans with AutoCAD service; great for architects and clients to make any changes in plans. 

  • House Plans with 3 Bedrooms: 

Many families prefer three-bedroom house plans. We have various three-bedroom house floor plans designed to fit different architectural styles. 

  • House plan drawing: 

    A house plan drawing is a picture. Our team of experts can help you create these detailed house plan drawings. This allows you to see exactly how your home will look and work. Below, we mentioned some of the services that are in our house plan drawing: 



Room Sizes 


Outdoor Spaces 

  • Designs: We provide practical house layouts. We ensure every room fits your everyday needs. We offer a wide variety of room layouts and designs. 

  • Room Sizes: We ensure that rooms in your home are the correct size. We design rooms with enough space. 

  • Ventilation: We offer a great collection of windows and open-space designs for ventilation. 

  • Outdoor Spaces: We make nice outdoor areas for your home, such as gardens, patios, and balconies. 

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