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9 Different Types of Houses in India You Need to Know

9 Different Types of Houses in India You Need to Know

India is a diverse country. And when it comes to housing in India, it becomes very important to know that there are different types of architectural houses built in different parts of the country.

In other words, people in India prefer to build a specific type of house based on their location. For example, in hilly areas, you can see a different design than in landscaped ones.

There are so many types of houses here, from traditional mud houses to modern high-rise buildings. When you look for a house to rent or buy, brokers use some terms like studio room, duplex house, penthouse, and generally flat.

However these are simple terms that people often use, but for some people, it cannot be very clear. Because each word is different from the other and has a specific house configuration. Please take a look at the different types of houses in India and know what makes them special.

Here are some of the main types of houses found in India:


What do you think of when someone says I own a bungalow? A large house with all the modern features, a lawn area, a swimming pool, and many more things. A bungalow house has a large size of veranda, or it can be a single-story house or a two-story house in some cases.

As said earlier, the bungalow is mainly surrounded by greenery and dedicated parking areas. Obviously, bungalows are more expansive and stylish as compared to flats. In India, specifically, there are a lot of designs people pick to build their bungalows —traditional and contemporary, for example. A bungalow is when you have a lot of privacy as well as space in order to chill out with your family and friends.

Flat or Apartment

When it comes to a flat and an apartment, there is no difference. Even both are the same. Some people, generally, say flat, and others say apartment. It’s that simple! Apartments and flats are considered one of the most popular investment choices for many people in India.

Buying this type of property isn’t just for investment purposes in India. There are many other reasons why Indians prefer to purchase this type of property. In these modern days, most flats are undergated colonies. These types of colonies or societies have a builder group, or sometimes a management company who takes care of all the things.

Buying flats or apartments is much easier than purchasing land and building a house on it. It comes with a lot more benefits and features, such as security, guards, a garden, a gym, schools, and daily-need other facilities.


In India, farmhouses are the most common type of house. A farmhouse is located away from the busy cities, of course. In other words, a farmhouse is a house that is surrounded by farms and landscaped areas. A farmhouse is where you take holidays and rest from your stressful day-to-day schedule.

Generally, you can build a farmhouse in many ways, such as traditional or modern, according to your style and taste. In a farmhouse, people often like to grow vegetables, fruits, and crops. In some additional examples, farmhouses are also used to host parties, relax with your friends, and for fitness purposes, among others.

Comparatively, farmhouse houses are more expensive because of the size of the land.However, when it comes to returns, they give you more than you expect.


When it comes to a Villa is a better option for people who want to live in a surrounding area or a community type of environment. Villas are also spacious houses type to enjoy living; for example, they come with all the modern amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, club, and grocery stores.

With the Villa option, you and your family can live comfortably, and most importantly, your children will get all the security parents are worried about. For those who want a lot more privacy and an independent house, the Villa is one of the best Indian houses.

Also, this type of house is built by giant builders or individuals who provide everything a person could ever ask for. You’ll have a swimming pool, clubhouse, and theatre if you live in such a gated community.

Duplex House

How can we go ahead without mentioning the duplex house? A duplex house is another popular type of house that Indian people often build. A duplex house is a two-storey house connected by stairs or a lift. And, if you look around your society, you will see that most of the houses are duplex houses.

At the same time, you will see that all the duplex houses are designed in a different style. Ideally, a large family will like this type of house where each member can live comfortably without interfering with the privacy of the other. In a duplex house, the floor plan normally has a kitchen, a hall, and two or three bedrooms each with their own bathroom.

To reach the second floor, there is also a staircase. If you, in face, want to buy a house or build a house —you can then think of duplex house as it gives you a lot more space and privacy. 


A penthouse is luxurious residential property located on top of the high-rise buildings. For those who want to build a house on the top floor, a penthouse would be the right choice for them. A penthouse will offer you the best views in the city—and of course—a lot of choices when it comes to living facilities.

And, if the high-rise building is near the sea or hills, you will feel like you’re in heaven. With penthouses, you can think of getting all the amenities, such as a personal elevator, private entrance, a big terrace, and high ceilings. A penthouse, on the other hand, is a lot more expensive than a villa, flat, or any other property.

As an exceptional example, if the penthouse is located in an outside area, then it can be less costly. But, most of the time, you will find all those luxurious penthouses with high-end amenities and locality.

Cottage House

If you travel a lot, you might have noticed that in some areas—specifically hillside, forest, natural places, or rural areas—people build a small single-story house. This is what is called a cottage.

Mostly, all the cottages are built from natural materials like clay and mud. If you notice, cottages are built with sloping roofs, verandas, porches, and spacious interiors. It would be a better idea if you spend some time in a cottage with your loved ones or friends whenever you feel stressed out.

Studio Room or RK

A studio room or RK covers a bedroom, a living area, and a kitchenette. When it comes to size comparison, these types of houses are smaller than 2BHK or 3BHK. A studio room apartment is a suitable option for a person who lives independently or has a limited budget.

In this category, young working professionals show their interest. In many cases, we have noticed some people love to stay in these one-room apartments because of their personal interests. For those who have budget concerns can consider renting a studio room, as it is an affordable option.


A condominium, also known as a condo, is a large building complex containing multiple residential units. In other words, a condominium complex or building consists of separate houses owned by different people. In this type of property, condo owners only own their units.

However, common areas such as parking areas, garages, gyms and swimming pools are shared with other condo owners in the building. When it comes to makeovers, condo owners can transform their space, such as exterior elements and floor plans, according to their personal style and preferences.

The final say

There. You have it. There are different types of houses in India, and we’ve covered the most popular in this guide. Each type of house is unique and has unique features and characteristics, for example. If you are planning to build your own dream home, you should consider many things such as your area, the climate you live in, and of course, your personal preferences.

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