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Vastu For Kitchen Sink And Stove

When remodeling a kitchen, many people choose to make it Vastu compliant. In Vastu, the kitchen is considered to be the source where food that nourishes the inhabitants of the home is cooked.  Every appliance in a kitchen has a purpose, and if those appliances are placed in accordance with Vastu principles, positivity can be assured. The kitchen represents the element of fire and a fine balance of energies is necessary for positivity, good health, as well as happiness to prevail in the home. Nakshadekho provides you with some of the tips on Vastu For Kitchen Sink And Stove to boost positive energy in the house. 

Tips on Vastu for the Kitchen

Kitchen Direction

Placing the kitchen in the southeast is ideal, as that is where Agni or the lord of fire reigns supreme. If that is not possible, the northwest works as well. The southeast direction has a combination of the sun as well as Mars, thus killing germs and contributing to good health. Try not to locate the kitchen in the north, southwest, or northeast direction; it can lead to domestic upheavals as well as rifts in the family. 

However, if your kitchen does face north or northeast for some unavoidable reason, do what you can by placing a stove in the southeast corner and keeping clutter out of the northeast corner. If possible, extend that corner to make space for a pooja room or wash area; if there’s a window there, keep it open at all times. For a home facing west or north, the kitchen should be placed along the northwest wall so that you face north while cooking. For homes facing east or south, the ideal location for the kitchen would be along the southeast wall.

Vastu for kitchen sink and stove

To ensure the success of cooking, one should always face east while cooking. Cooking appliances like microwave ovens and gas stoves need to be aligned in this direction. Place the kitchen sink in the north or northeast direction. Do not place it in the same or parallel direction as that of the cooking platform. Vastu shastra states that fire as well as water oppose each other and can have negative consequences if both elements are placed together. If the stove and sink are close to each other, place a bone china vase between them as a remedy.

Kitchen Colors as per Vastu

According to Hindu belief, the kitchen represents purity. Therefore, white is the best color for the kitchen, but do not overdo the white color. One should not use too much red either in the kitchen, as it creates unstable energy. Avoid using dark colors as they may lead to depression. Other ideal colors recommended for the kitchen are green, lemon yellow, as well as orange as these, represent nourishing colors and colors of fire. Opt for white in the ceiling to create balance. Avoid using black, grey, and blue colors in the kitchen. 

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, one can place a mandir either to the left or right of the stove. Placing the stove opposite the mandir is not advised. Also, as per Vastu For Kitchen Sink And Stove should never be near or below a mandir. Using black color in a kitchen is not advisable. Light pastel shades are ideal for this room.

Kitchen Ventilation & Windows

Improper ventilation in the kitchen can cause health issues for the woman of the house, or whoever cooks. In the kitchen, the right position of the windows—which should be east facing, according to Vastu—plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive atmosphere. Properly placed windows and air outlets such as exhaust fans or modern chimneys are important to suck out stale air. With good light and air quality, the quality of food is enhanced. For windows in the kitchen, a professional Vastu consultant would recommend east-facing ones for maximum light and airflow. An exhaust fan may also be placed in an east-facing window.