Naksha Dekho

Tips To Design A Front Elevation For House

When designing your property, you might prioritize the inside—the functional space you inhabit. Maybe you’ve always wanted a skylight in your bedroom or dreamed of having a home office with a desk set in a big bay window overlooking your garden. When building a house, contractors and architects refer to home elevations. However,Tips To Design A Front Elevation For House is important. For example, a pro might show you two different exterior designs to choose from, referring to them as “Elevation A” versus “Elevation B.” There are several key points that generally differentiate home elevations, including Door location, Garage door number, location, shape, and size of windows, Rooflines (slope), Placement of walkways and stairs, and Materials used for siding and roofing. 

A distinctive elevation for your home can set it apart from surrounding houses and boost curb appeal, making it more attractive to prospective buyers. If you’re building a house as an investment property to sell later, good curb appeal can increase property value and help you command a higher asking price. Places with high curb appeal sell for 7% more on average than homes with unattractive exteriors. In this article, let’s explore some Tips To Design A Front Elevation For House

Tips to enhance front elevation for single floor

Add Extensions

 Extensions such as overhanging balconies, garage additions, or window bays can add a lot of charisma to your space. These extensions can help you play up the boring cubical elevation and turn it into an attractive frontage. These extensions can either be large elements such as a garage or small elements such as an extended roof, porch, balconies, etc.

Have a unique roof style

In some styles of houses, such as bungalows and villas, the roof plays a critical role. Instead of having flat roofs, one can have different styles of roofing, such as tapered, gabled, sloped, or gambrel. These designs will have a tremendous effect on the appearance of the house. If one’s house has already been constructed, then replacing its existing pergola with a new pergola is an option. Pergolas are temporary structures that come in many different shapes and sizes; homeowners can therefore choose these structures according to personal preferences.

Use Landscaping

When choosing a house’s exterior, consider how it will fit with your garden. It makes sense to start thinking about what kind of landscaping you want to see when you look out your window. If you have kids or pets that like to play outdoors, you might prefer a large expanse of green lawn. However, if you want more intricate landscaping – like an English-style garden with rose trellis – you might prefer a more straightforward façade.

Use unique Doors & Windows

For a better front elevation for a house single floor update the appearance of your doors and windows. There are numerous designs of doors and windows available in the market for every sort of taste ranging from traditional to modern style, you can pick any of them that matches the style of your house within a minimal amount of money. If you don’t want to replace your doors and windows then you can try revamping the old ones by painting.

Decide your color palates

When beginning the construction procedure, choose a color palette that complements the beauty of your house. You can use natural surroundings for inspiration. Choose contrasting colors or single colors of lighter shades. If renovating an old house, make sure that the colors complement the existing materials such as flooring and furniture. Detailed elements such as cornices can be highlighted either by painting with darker shades of color or by using artificial lighting fixtures.


Nakshadekho provides you the Tips To Design A Front Elevation For House single floor can incorporate many features, such as sustainability through passive design techniques and material use. One of the most attractive design features of a front facade to date is the incorporation of greenery—roof gardens, green walls, small gardens—which add an organic charm to the elevation that truly completes the elevation of the house. There are many ways to enliven a house’s front elevation—experimentation and experience are two foolproof methods for designing a normal house front elevation as captivating as one that incorporates greenery.