Naksha Dekho

Simple But Spacious Old Village House Design Ideas

Are you planning to build a dream home in the village? This pictorial guide will be valuable for you. That allows you to get closer to nature. Planning for a new house in a village is a superb idea since it is peaceful and quiet, lacking in metropolitan cities. But the question appears, how is it possible to make the old village house spacious and appealing? There are magnificent ways of old village house design ideas that can be intended for building one. The best part is these designs are simple but look attractive for sure. Besides making the home appealing, it’s vital to examine a few criteria as the house could be exposed to severe weather.

Traditional home design

The first one is traditional home design. If you don’t live in a village but visit frequently, this option is good. You can plan your trip to this classic village hut design that would be the ideal choice for you as well as your children. The reason for this design is that it preserves the authenticity of the village by keeping the housing settings traditional. Also, it provides the ideal escape if you want to live the Indian village life outside of your Home.

Home with two roofs

Here comes the second option. It is the type that includes two rooms and is quite popular in the village. The old village house design ideas are done quite carefully by keeping the main roof huge, as well as the small one in front of the terrace. This design is the basic one that makes your house looks unique. This will be more spacious in a limited size plot. No doubt, it will look catchy.

Entrance with two pillars

Have you considered making your Home look appealing with two structural pillars? The utilization of design is spot on. If you have a large plot of land, this house will look stunning. You can create your entry on the right-hand side, including the door pillars. This is quite fascinating! The fantastic design of the house stretches to the site that is quite comfortable to live in, but it makes the room visible.

Design with 2 square feet

The next one is designing on the two ft.². This makes the design look more modern. This is suitable for that person who lives near to the city. There is no doubt that Home will appear superior to the town. Take the best use of the plot by making the left side of Home unbalanced.

Big modern house

The last one is a modern house. It’s an example of a simple house that looks elegant in the village. This is the house that appears large, but it’s model. The old village house design ideas are good for those having a huge plot for making a beautiful home. The facilities can be added as per desires, as well as it seems remarkable.

Additional Tips to design rural design

Below are a few simple tips that can help you get an old village house design –

  • Planning of the project, as well as an examination of the material beforehand building the house, is prominent.
  • It is done properly as well as carefully because the weather conditions in India keep fluctuating. So, their implications must be considered before finalizing the project.
  • The infrastructure improvements have been made widely to get any facility in your community. More specifically, you can establish the village house with all the facilities best for you.
  • The protip is to use the best material that is not affecting the surrounding area. It is major one why you are making village house.

In a nutshell, building old village house design ideas is an exciting part. There are so many designs to make the house looks beautiful. A few of the ideas mentioned above look elegant while remaining basics. If you are looking for a way to get one read out the post given by the Nakshadekho.