Naksha Dekho

House Map Planning In India

When buying or constructing a house, your engineer must have shown you 2D designs of the house. It describes the entrance, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. Additionally, it also shows the direction and size of the house and its windows. A comprehensive picture of all these is a house plan. This plan visualizes your dream house. It picturizes how the house will look after construction. A house plan will be the foundation for electric wiring, plumbing, drainage, and furniture layout. Nakshadekho provided you the detailed information on the House Map Planning In India, then read through the article to understand the step-by-step process to draw a house plan.  

Step-By-Step Process To Draw A House Plan

  • Identify the requirements

The first step is to define all the requirements. It includes the features like the number of floors, size of bedrooms, living room area, kitchen room pattern, bathroom size, toilet size & type, storeroom space, pooja room, car parking space, balcony or open space, and basement requirement. 

  • Study your plot

After collecting all the requirements, the next step is to understand your plot. You need to check the direction, location, surrounding area, shape of the plot, area, and measurements. 

  • Pen down your imagination

All the field is completed by the previous step. Now is the time to bring your imagination to the paper. You need to draw the house plan by adding actual measurements as it helps you in proportioning the space accordingly. 

  • Create a plot outline

To create the plot outline you need to convert the field measurements into drawing measurements using scale. Then draw the boundary of the plot on paper. Ensure that the boundary angles are as per the actual angles. Preferable design for the north direction and mark the nearby landmarks. 

  • Add Partitions to the Drawing

Adding partitions will create an internal structure of the house. Add single line partitions for bedrooms, living room, dining hall, etc. Ensure that all the defined requirements are added to the house plan. Focus on the wall thickness and sizes of the rooms. Also, make sure that the balconies should not extend beyond your plot boundary. 

  • Add all the facilities required

While you draw the house map planning in India, add features like a washbasin, kitchen sink, bathroom utilities, etc. Include the space for furniture. Also, don’t forget to draw the doors, windows, and ventilators. 

Why should you have a house plan? 

There are various reasons why you should opt for a house plan. Let’s figure out each of them: 

  • Offers Design Flexibility

A house plan offers the liberty to modify the design for cost optimization, utility issues, and enhanced productivity. All the alterations are made before the construction begins to save rework and money wastage. 

  • Blueprint for the house

A house plan is the basis of the design for your house. It offers a detailed description of the design including the elevations, sections, measurements, etc.

  • Helps in Resource Planning

House map planning in India will help in resource planning. It helps to calculate the number of units required to construct the house. Based on these units, you can perform resource planning. 

  • Construction Material Planning

Some rough calculations and estimates will help you make tentative planning for construction material. 

  • Builds Confidence

A house map plan will give you a clear picture of how your house looks after construction. It provides a detailed description of the area and size along with measurements. Having such a detailed plan will build your confidence in constructing your dream house. 

Bottom Line

Constructing a dream house perfectly requires a lot of patience and perseverance. So, you should not leave a single stone unturned while you’re building a dream house. Always start by drawing a House Map Planning In India