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House Designs In Kashmir

Kashmiri house has a tremendous influence on many traditions and cultures. It has a fantastic history which is worth considering. The shape of the houses is appealing and leaves its imprint on people’s minds. The best part of House design in Kashmir is just like the natural beauty of Kashmir, and the structures of the houses are also breathtaking.

It flourishes the value of humanism and tolerance. If you want to make a beautiful house in Kashmir, then in the given post, there are attractive options for house designs in Kashmir. It looks gorgeous, just like the beauty of Kashmir.

Reasons to Design an Aesthetically Pleasing House

When it comes to building a new house, paying close attention to space, ventilation and crucial requirement are daunting. The easiest possible solution to eradicate this problem is hiring an architect and figuring out a suitable look for your desire. If you are not sure whether to hire a designer and architect, then below given are a few reasons to look after –

  • Reduce Wastage Cost

    Usually, when a person tries to design and build a house on the behalf of imagination, he/she might end up making wrong choices and fixing them later. It is a huge wastage of money that can be prevented.

  • Ensure the Right Colour Scheme 

    Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your desired house is difficult. Every house member has a different approach and a décor designer always pays attention to blending all the colour choices in the right way.

  • House Looks Spacious

    Using the right colour scheme along with the help of 3D design programs, a designer can make every room look larger and spacious. These are a few things that can make you understand the importance of hiring professionals for the same job.

Now, Let’s learn about some popular designs 

Traditional house

The traditional houses in Kashmir are primarily found in the capital of Kashmir that is Srinagar. The city looks beautiful with the ancient architectural wonders that existed in the town. These houses include the Kashmiri house designs that are adequate for a topographic climate and inhabitants. That was divided into two categories such as Kashmiri house designs depending on floor plans or the linear plan houses. This house consists of windows in all direction that looks appealing to people.

Dhajji Dewari Houses

To construct Dhajji dewari, the wooden framework was used along with the rafters. Then, the coating of bricks and stones was done to pack the building properly without leaving the gaps.

Clay and lime mortar were also used for filling the remaining holes. This type of material is used for making a House design in Kashmir that is more flexible than concrete.

The noticeable fact about these elements is they can withstand earthquakes.

Modern Houses

The next type is modern houses. This type of design is as per the architecture and lifestyle selected by the inhabitants of Kashmir.

However, it has changed dramatically, so with the technological advancements, the design of houses also changed. The mud and wood are replaced by iron and concrete to make the beautiful design of the house.

These are mainly made of non-native cement and equipped with modern amenities. In addition, the under-floor heating is made that is great for winters when the temperature drops down below zero. Then it was covered with symmetrical blocks.

Luxurious Houseboats

Now, it’s time for something luxurious. The main and famous house in Kashmir is a houseboat. People who visit Kashmir go by houseboat to have a wonderful experience.

Europeans started it in 19 century, and they were fascinated with its beauty. So they always wanted to settle down there when they first appeared.

The Kashmir houseboat is one of the houses designed in Kashmir, equipped with five and six rooms and with lovely wood carvings on the pieces of furniture. The different section of the houseboat is decorated accordingly.

Wooden Huts

Here comes the last option. Undoubtedly, the elegance of a wooden hut cannot be compromised. The beauty is extraordinary.

There is still a piece of the population in Kashmir that prefers to live in the forest and spend their life in nature. They can continue to live in wooden houses that are the best in architecture.

Even though it is not standardized and made of materials like cement, bricks, and irons, it still looks beautiful, and the design is done through timber and clay.


In a nutshell, those as mentioned earlier are the beautiful House design in Kashmir that looks phenomenal. If you are looking for the best option, read the post provided by the Nakshadekho to make the ideal option for your dream house in Kashmir.