Naksha Dekho

House Designs In Indian Village

Residing in rural areas has always been a popular trend with older people, who often find the peace and quiet of villages preferable to the hustle and bustle of city life. With the Coronavirus pandemic making it possible for people to work from home, there has been a spike in the number of people moving to villages, to gain access to healthier living options. If you are planning to build a village home, you would need some inspiration for your village house design. This article will help you plan ideas for house design in India village. Let’s explore each idea. 

How to design houses in Indian Village? 

  • Use of Materials:  The materials used in the design of a village house largely determine its character. You should decide this early on. While an awning of bamboo or cane over your courtyard is extremely beautiful as well as authentic, you should factor in the rain and the sun, even hailstorms. Bare bricks look lovely if you plan on an ethnic Indian village house. You could also go with a plain cemented, black-and-white look, which is easy to maintain. 
  • Roofs & Ceilings:  The ceiling of a house in rural India is constructed differently from that of houses in the city. The roof of a village house can be done up with brick or cement to keep it secure, unlike the houses in rural India, the ceiling from inside, can be done up very beautifully, in keeping with the roof. 
  • Floor:  Flooring for a village-themed house can include wood, with plywood being an age-proof option. Ethnic-looking rugs, as well as mats, are another way to decorate flooring in a classier, more authentic way. 
  • Structure: Most village homes in India are raised on a slightly elevated platform to protect them from flooding as well as snakes. If you have floods or snakes in your area, consider building an elevated platform for your house.  

Ideas for House Design in India Village

  • The design of a house in a village must be solid – The house design in India village takes into account the elements of a house that must shield it from extreme weather—a solid exterior in this case—as well as other design aspects, like aesthetics.
  • House Design in India Village is Simple – When choosing a home in a hilly region, it is best to choose a lightweight structure to counter the possibility of earthquakes, floods, as well as landslide. This particular cottage in the village is an excellent example of a small house in such an area. 
  • Traditional houses in villages – If you are building a weekend home, the traditional village hut design could be the perfect solution. Designed to maintain authenticity and work as the perfect getaway, this home design in rural India combines form and function in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. 
  • Contemporary house design with a touch of local style – Even if you live in a village, you can choose contemporary designs of your choice to build a house. 


Tips for house design in India Village

  • Because the weather varies widely across India’s regions, architects designing houses in villages must be aware of annual weather occurrences and their effects on local infrastructure. They should choose their construction materials and design accordingly.
  • Thanks to urbanization, you can now access all the amenities of an urban setting in your village home. Make sure your village home combines the best of both worlds.
  • When building your village home, keep the local surroundings in mind so you do not cause an adverse impact.
  • Your new home’s design should complement its surroundings. You do not want your new home to disrupt the natural beauty of the place. 

Nakshadekho will help you plan ideas for house design in India village. You can choose contemporary designs of your choice to build a house.