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House Compound Wall Design – Famous Types and A Quick Selection Guide

Whether you are remodeling your existing house or creating a new one, the wall design is the paramount factor to keep in mind. When you plan for the House compound wall design, you must prioritize how to start off by giving the wall design attention.

As it is often ignored and always considered afterward. It’s proficient at deciding what type of material you would like to go for wall designing that gives it a new look.

There are plenty of material types from which you can choose the suitable one for you. Each type exhibit plenty of colors and patterns.

Here is the list of the great top five types of house compound wall designs that can be used for remodeling or constructing a new wall design.

Top 5 Types of House Compound Wall Design

Needless to mention that house design, colour scheme and interior is a subjective thing. You like a design whereas the other person doesn’t. However, below mentioned are some of the popular and easy to pick options that can ensure a perfect blend of modern as well as a future proof colour option. Let’s get into the process and find out some excellent options –

  1. Cladding Compound Wall

Cladding compound wall is the first type that gained a lot of attention from visitors and people passing by. It is excellent for newly built houses or freshly renovated. The cladding compound wall design is remarkable and gives an aesthetic appeal to the house. It is believed that this type of fence is quite valuable for high-end bungalows that are majorly installed in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

  1. Security Compound Wall

Another type is a security compound wall. This is commonly constructed at the government offices, police camps, military bases, and so forth. In such places, high priority is given to security, so the construction is made in such a way.

  1. Design Pattern with Cladding

In cladding, the compound is another House compound wall design with an extra layer installed with marbles, tiles, and Shera panels to make the wall looks gorgeous.

  1. Ornamental Compound Wall

The next one is an ornamental compound wall. Don’t you think everything has gotten fancier? The modern wall design has also changed with new designs with trendy cutouts and patterns. This type of compound wall is a combination of stainless steel and masonry wall. It’s a great option for people to give their place a modern touch.

  1. Precast Compound Wall

Lastly, the precast walls are the ideal option to consider for a residential boundary. The process of installation of this particular wall is completed within a minimal period, and the cost of this is comparatively less compared with masonry compound walls. This one is also a good option to give your wall a modern touch.

Factors Must Check Beforehand

While choosing a reliable house compound wall design, paying attention to a few necessary factors can save your cost in many ways. Here are a few necessary points to look after –

  • PVC Boards

PVC is an accessible option for creating a 3-D pattern on the compound wall. In addition, you can install House compound wall design through machine-made boards that are available in many designs and colors.

  • Cement Plaster

It is good to go with the wet cement plaster to develop the graphic pattern, figurines, and murals to get a personalized and custom designing on the walls.

  • Bricks

For compound wall designs, the most preferred material is bricked. However, to go for the rustic vibe, make a choice in the bricks straightforward that trend to see in feature walls.

  • Wood planks

The use of wood has not been much in urban homes, but there is seasoned wood that is useful for the compound wall. It is responsible for replacing the entire structure unit. It can be used for decorating the house and also being creative.

Wrap Up!

There is so much to learn about how to design your wall as there are best options in House compound wall design you can consider for modifying your wall and creating the top-notch. Nakshadekho provides you with many textures available for wall designs that will make the wall attractive.