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Bungalow House Design

Are you familiar with all the possible options of utilizing huge space while constructing a house of your choice? If yes, then you need only a few aspects to do experimentation on building a house. If not, then do not worry about it and just have a traversed look at the exploration of space and its usage here with us.

Obviously, everyone desires to bring excitement and enthusiasm to the space. And, the usual style of house for large spaces is the Bungalow House Design. Moreover, the design and structure choices of Bungalows are available in abundance nowadays. Therefore, it would be easy for you to go for the optimum option of constructing your dream Bungalow house. So, dive deeply into the mentioned guide for designing Bungalow houses.

What actually are Bungalow House Designs?

To begin with, the Bungalow style of houses in the residential area portion consists of large floor planning. Also, huge front porches and immense windows symbolize the overall look of the Bungalow house. Regarding the origination of Bungalows, these houses were first constructed in the Bengal area during the ancient colonial time period. Moreover, the terminology of ‘Bungalow’ gets its derivation from the word ‘ Bangla’ which means ‘Bengal belonging’.

Additionally, the bungalow houses are usually spacious yet small along with easy maintenance. If you need to know additionally regarding the bungalow house design, then move further towards the article and choose the best option for your house.

What are the trending styles of Bungalow house designs?

The bungalows resemble cottage house residential sections which are seen in varied styles and designs. Therefore, some of the basic and unique bungalows are mentioned below.

California Style

Firstly, this type of bungalow design includes one story along with a roof with slopes. Moreover, an open floor planning and altered porch style make this option unique to other houses. The usage of wood and stucco material provides a sturdy look to the overall appearance of a bungalow house.

Tudor Design

Secondly, the mix of medieval architectural aspects and contemporary layouts define this particular design. The steep heightened roofs, small windows, advanced detailing on doors, and wall claddings are also included in this house design.

Foursquare Design

Nextly, the sharing of a simple structure in the form of one and a half stories is the basic symbol of this bungalow house style. Also, this house is quite similar to Prairie Bungalow’s design where flat chimneys are installed on the porch roof. And, the interior is made up of wood and beams.

Chicago Style

Additionally, this style of house is built with bricks and one and a half stories above the basement provides an effective appearance to the whole house. Moreover, this style of house is rectangularly designed.

What factors must be kept in mind for designing bungalow houses?

Open spaces with an addition of greenery all around are vital to bringing versatility to the whole design of bungalow houses. Secondly, the kitchen area must be modern and full of functions. Thirdly, dining areas must not be ignored also. Therefore, installing the necessary elements of the dining space would add a charm to the house. Nextly, dazzling features of furnishing and accessories to adorn the house should also be taken into concern while constructing bungalows. Moreover, air ventilation and an appropriate lighting system must also be under supreme focus during the planning of the layout.


To conclude, you are familiar with the types of Bungalow House Design along with the definition. The original term of building the houses is really out of the hands to trace. However, the experimentation and exploration of innovative ideas make the construction of various houses possible. Therefore, cohesion and consistency are needed altogether for reaching the goal of constructing the house of your dreams. Now, it is time for you to characterize the bungalow style with Nakshadekho after knowing all the valuable terms of utilizing space.