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In the present scenario, it’s paramount to consider various aspects while designing the house. For instance, going green is crucial for the future.

The sustainable design of home planning reflects your lifestyle. For example, if you are a person who wants to build up a house that mainly focuses on economic, social and ecological responsibility, then set the design of the house that has no environmental impact.

To get your needs fulfilled, the Best house Designer in Ludhiana has ample options for you to consider along with the features. Moreover, they give you enough time to go for the revision and select a top-notch design which suits your dream house.

How positive change does a designer make?

Professional work makes the things that you have not even imagined. When it comes to interior designers, they have top-notch ideas to make a major change in the whole office and home. The Best house Designer in Ludhiana works on many things such as sofas, chairs, bedrooms, bathrooms, entrances, etc.

Handling the complicated task makes the procedure smooth by finalising the stuff like paint, fixtures, colour, wallpaper, and so on. This reduces the stress of the occupants and establishes their property with quality work in a minimal time.

The Best house Designer in Gujrat thought process of designing the house involves 3-D models, walkthroughs, virtual reality and AR. Implementing all these ideas definitely turns the property look aesthetic and charming. These features together introduce the requirement of hiring house design.

Famous house structure offered by designer


The bungalow is one of the well-known property names in India especially. It was developed since the cottage-style house was not of much importance in India. The walls work pretty thick, which is responsible for a warm climate. A bungalow is a small home that is single story and has a front porch. The appeal bungalow is quite attractive and began to build in the 20th century. The Best house Designer in Ludhiana makes the designs of bungalows using a computer rather than going for the bungalow designing cost a lot.

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Elevation Design For Second-Floor Building


The following style of Best house Designer in Ludhiana is the ranch-style home. It is well known for its single rectangular story. This specific type of house has larger plots and plenty of outdoor spaces. Compared to the normal houses, this has a lot of spaces for entry. The name has derived from the home-dwelling in the wide Spanish style that mainly increases its popularity during the 1950s.


It is not fair not to add cottage style to the category list. This is another option offered by house designers. Nowadays, it is a well-known place to go for a short vacation. It is a small home that has thick walls, a single interior room and a roof. Many people love to use the cottage as a vacation property to get the old and rustic twist. Undoubtedly, the Best house Designer in Ludhiana creates a place for a luxurious vacation.

Architecture Design For Houses

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Storage is a primary facility for every family. All the families have enough stuff to store in the space to use when required. The storeroom is a basic requirement of every family, so the Best house Designer in Ludhiana builds a storage room with an organising system. People can use this room to keep the things they use once in a blue moon. But it is vital to keep them safe and sound to avoid the wastage of the product.

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Catchy Entrance

What is the attractive feature of the house? More and more occupants are looking for a trending entrance that looks appealing when some people visit their property. For instance, the property is covered with ports and stoop to provide shelter even in harsh conditions. It is the most attractive feature of the house in which the Best house Designer in Ludhiana works a lot to keep it impressive and appealing.

Bonus room

If your property allows this, then do not miss out on this feature. The bonus room is really important. Ask the Best house Designer in Ludhiana to provide you with the house plan, built-in addition, and a great design. The criteria of this room are to build with the ability to customise. You can add you are more liking towards this room by implementing more ideas. This is a great way for occupants to get your stuff of their preference.

Front Room Design


Catalogues Design


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Design is our passion! Our team of Best Interior Designers in Rajasthan works with you to realize the home of your dreams. We work with different styles - Classical, Fusion, Modern, Industrial - to deliver your dream house.


We build and execute home interiors to perfection. From extraordinary false ceilings, fabulous kitchens, stunning wardrobes to luxurious sofas. Our team of designers transforms dreams into reality.


Imagine your home before you even step in! We create remarkable interior concepts in 3D, using advanced technologies to give you a realist feel of what your completed home would look like.


Our talented team of Project Managers and Site Supervisors make sure that your Home Interiors are inconvenient free and have a pleasant experience for you.


We take quality so seriously that we only use the best materials and finishes for our interior projects. "NakshaDekho" stands for Quality & Perfection.


We at Naksha Dekho try to use the given resource as carefully and efficient as possible, this will provide a positive impact on the overall budget of the client.

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Best Elevation Design in Rajasthan
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