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The design is really a heart of a Home. It’s not taken so much to prepare a dream house. A well-designed room, bathroom, living space, and entrance are much required.

It becomes pretty easy if you take the help of professionals who have the expertise to deal with the planning for a home. First, they ask all the major questions, such as their major requirements, budget and so forth.

After that Best house Designer in Delhi starts with the planning and focuses on the decorating theme. Definitely, they will improve the entire property within the expenses you have said to them.

What factors of house designer makes them popular?

Choosing the house design for building the fantastic property is a life-changing decision. The interior design made by the expertise in this field is a fascinating choice. It is a challenging profession that creates the designing in space even with the limited resources.

The Best house Designer in Delhi starts your work by asking about the significant requirement of occupants and enabling them to help with different designs. There are many reasons why consulting the house designer is vital before you begin making a property.

List of good designs in houses


The chalet is a standard structure that is the traditional house for people in Switzerland. Nowadays, it has become a great place for people where they can spend a memorable vacation. Basically, the chalet is located in the mountain areas to go for playing a number of sports. Since sports are widely popular nowadays, the chalet offers access to various ports. Technically speaking, the Best house Designer in Delhi includes a long overhang and steep roof.



The residential structure is comprised of two or more housing units. That’s why it is termed multi-family. The multi-family structures are built where many families can stay together but in different areas. So the plot required for the property is pretty larger. The entry is also kept separate by Best house Designer in Delhi, but the appearance has made one. It is basically introduced on a single floor and making the portion looks similar and having all the facilities.

In-law suite

In-law suite is quite common, and most of them have added this. It is a place that has a basement. Many people rent a pretty affordable cellar. Broadly speaking, it is a separate unit that Best house Designer builds in Delhi inside a single-family home. That is known as the basement. It is the best particular system that can be either used for rent or for guests, depending on the terminology.

in-law Suit

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The combination of furniture and the best advice for the house is a fantastic idea while creating of home. This mainly falls under havenly. They give the furniture recommendations that wonderfully correspond to the requirement of the occupant. They start the process with the style quiz, which is followed by images and measurements of the space thoroughly. With this detailed information, the Best house Designer in Delhi proceeds with the themes and looks to create. After presenting the final concept, they decide on the accessories, furniture and layout.

Drawing Room Design


Roomlift works with the paint, wallpaper and textile samples. They begin their work after receiving the desired information regarding the occupants’ preferences, lifestyle and space. Then they begin to assemble the amazing products to scale the floor plan. The Best house Designer in Delhi also includes the decor and furnishings selections that can be done within the 15-minute consultation about the particular designs. The cost of the room lift consultation depends on the time you are taking to finalise the design.

Pottery Barn

Pottery barn is the design process that can be started only after an appointment. The appointment can be taken either online, in-home or in-store. There are some of the questions to decide the particular type of design by the Best house Designer in Delhi the occupant is looking for. A pottery barn is an interior decoration that mainly handles every type of size and recommendations of the design. The services include delivery assistance, installation set-up, product recommendations, etc.

Drawing Room Design


Catalogues Design


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Design is our passion! Our team of Best Interior Designers in Rajasthan works with you to realize the home of your dreams. We work with different styles - Classical, Fusion, Modern, Industrial - to deliver your dream house.


We build and execute home interiors to perfection. From extraordinary false ceilings, fabulous kitchens, stunning wardrobes to luxurious sofas. Our team of designers transforms dreams into reality.


Imagine your home before you even step in! We create remarkable interior concepts in 3D, using advanced technologies to give you a realist feel of what your completed home would look like.


Our talented team of Project Managers and Site Supervisors make sure that your Home Interiors are inconvenient free and have a pleasant experience for you.


We take quality so seriously that we only use the best materials and finishes for our interior projects. "NakshaDekho" stands for Quality & Perfection.


We at Naksha Dekho try to use the given resource as carefully and efficient as possible, this will provide a positive impact on the overall budget of the client.

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