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The Only 30 x 40 house Design Ideas That Will Suit Your Need

Sure, this is a surprise for you that the elevation designs decide the property’s value. You might not be aware, but yes, usually, the finish of home measurements directly corresponds to the thickness, length, and architecture drawings. The home’s visibility is different from all angles, and it’s due to the elevation done. So, to expect a beautiful home from all angles, it is possible to go with the best elevation designs. For 30×40 house design, there are ample ideas to give an aesthetic property value. 

In this post, you will get the best approach to the design for a 30 x 40 home design elevation. It will be helpful for you to meet your desires as an architect. 

Elevation For Double Floor

The first type of 30 x40 Home elevation design includes the front design for a double door. It is pretty similar to a simple house but with an additional floor.

This is an example of the front elevation that perfectly displays your features. On the first floor, there is a Balcony with stylish wall patterns. It makes the space looks pretty good.

Elevation For Three Floor

In many places, three-floor buildings or quite common. These are mainly constructed by people who are not into apartment culture and want to incorporate elements.

With this perfect design, you can get a view clear of the three faulty construction. Even after finalizing the statement, you can make some changes per your desires.

3D Design

The following design is a 3-D elevation design. It is used for the lining of the properties. The creation of this elevation is a perfect choice that looks pretty nice.

The preparation of the 3-D elevation design is done quite carefully, and it has to be started before the construction. Then, the building 30×40 house design details can be updated as per the plans or your requirements.

Duplex Elevation

The duplex elevation is the simple elevation that has gained popularity day by day. The design comprised of this elevation is effortless but thoughtful. 

There are so many elements that have been used to make the elevation looks pretty, but the neutral grey color looks well. In the front of the house parking space is provided and it can be used for personal needs as well.


The next one is ultra modern house elevation. This has glass elevation designs and amazing options in it. So, if you want to give your house a rich and stylish look, go with this beautiful elevation.

Lightning is used and combined with natural elements to make it more attractive. These features all together look elegant, and to make it a piece of beauty, the woof in the front is added.

Villa Elevation

Do you have a dream of owning a villa? Many people have to get one. However, it costs a great load on the pocket if you want to realize this dream. Establishing the villa needs a lot of money to invest, which is quite difficult for people.

But having the perfect elevation plan in a 30×40 house design gives you a better choice to get your house in a villa elevation. This elevation combines the look of the home from sideways and front. So as an owner, you can get the best view of the garden area, parking space, and patio.

Contemporary Elevation

Contemporary elevation design is the latest one that you can choose to give your home a blend of contemporary and modern styles. This elevation has both. 

Even though it fulfills the ‘purpose and a terrace on the building, this elevation gives people the beautiful view you can have from the side and front. Undoubtedly, it gives you a pretty good idea of the construction look.

Final Verdict

All people have a dream to make a beautiful home to live in. The home elevation designs give people an idea of how they want their dream house to be from both inside and outside. Nakshadekho gives you detailed information on about 30×40 house design from the side, front, split, and rear to meet your dreams. Hope the above mention options will be helpful for you in choosing the ideal one.