Naksha Dekho

10 things to watch out for before you hire an Interior Designer.

Are you excited about your new home adventure, and Have you decided to hire an interior designer? The entire lavishness and beauty of your house depend on the interior designer whom you hire, you need to be well aware of the important things you should watch out for before you hire one. Here are some essential questions to ask before hiring an interior designer to make the process easier for you.


Be clear about your style and budget plan

Prior to arriving at any conclusion, ask yourself what is my style and what amount can I really spend on the inside decoration of my home. It is essential to distinguish your requirements so you can enlist somebody who can understand your style completely and give you the best he/she can within the specific budget. You can share your thoughts with your designer and openly discuss your likes and dislikes if any. Move ahead with the plan if you feel confident within.


Set a timeline for your project

Second, Just decide a time limit for your project. The size of your interior decoration will require a particular amount of time. So be reasonable. Maybe you even have to live somewhere else temporarily. One-room upgrades can range from one day to a week-long project so be prepared to give up your creature comforts for that long.


Examine the structure and work plan

Always have a discussion about the design ideas and plan layout with your designer and make sure you tell him all your requirements. Once you discuss all your thoughts with the designer he can provide you a 3-D visual presentation of the designs. This will help you understand how your space will look once the design is over.

Also, ask for the materials used by the designer and ask them to present you with an inventory of colors, codes, finishes, and more.



Creativity is a quality the designer must be blessed with and it acts as a surplus point to get filtered out and chosen to work with. A highly creative person can give wings to your fantasies.


Have you done similar projects?

This is the best way to know about the experience of the designer. If you’re looking to hire an interior designer for your project, it would be beneficial to see other projects the designer has completed related to your project. If they have worked on similar projects, you may request a before, in-process and after photo to see whether you like the outcome.



The designer should be patient enough to carry out the required research in order to come up with totally new designs. Patience while dealing with the confusion and insecurities of the clients is also recommended.


Committed to the time allotted

They must stick around the time period committed to you for the completion of the segments of the project and must adhere to it till the end of the project.

Now that you know how to hire an interior designer you are ready to get started on your dream home! Online interior designers are at your service at the click of a button!