House Map Planning In India

When buying or constructing a house, your engineer must have shown you 2D designs of the house. It describes the entrance, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc

Identify the requirements

size of bedrooms, living room area, kitchen room pattern, bathroom size, toilet size & type, storeroom space, pooja room, car parking space, balcony or open space, and basement requirement.

Study your plot

the next step is to understand your plot. You need to check the direction, location, surrounding area, shape of the plot, area,

Pen down your imagination

Now is the time to bring your imagination to the paper.

Create a plot outline

To create the plot outline you need to convert the field measurements into drawing measurements using scale.

Partitions to the Drawing

Adding partitions will create an internal structure of the house. Add single line partitions for bedrooms, living room, dining hall, etc.

Add all the facilities required

While you draw the house map planning in India, add features like a washbasin, kitchen sink, bathroom utilities, etc.

Blueprint for the house

It offers a detailed description of the design including the elevations, sections, measurements, etc.

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