House Design In Kashmir

The shape of the houses is appealing and leaves its imprint on people’s minds. The best part of House design in Kashmir is just like the natural beauty of Kashmir,

Reduce Wastage Cost

when a person tries to design and build a house on the behalf of imagination,

Ensure the Right Colour Scheme

the perfect colour scheme for your desired house is difficult. Every house member has a different approach and a décor designer

House Looks Spacious

the right colour scheme along with the help of 3D design programs, a designer can make every room look larger and spacious.

Traditional house

The traditional houses in Kashmir are primarily found in the capital of Kashmir that is Srinagar. The city looks beautiful

Dhajji Dewari Houses

To construct Dhajji dewari, the wooden framework was used along with the rafters.

Luxurious Houseboats

it’s time for something luxurious. The main and famous house in Kashmir is a houseboat.

Wooden Huts

Here comes the last option. Undoubtedly, the elegance of a wooden hut cannot be compromised.

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