House Compound Wall Design

The wall design is the paramount factor to keep in mind. When you plan for the House compound wall design, you must prioritize how to start off by giving the wall design attention.

Top 5 Types of House Compound Wall Design

Needless to mention that house design, colour scheme and interior is a subjective thing.

Cladding Compound Wall

Cladding compound wall is the first type that gained a lot of attention from visitors and people passing by. It is excellent for newly built houses or freshly renovated.

Security Compound Wall

This is commonly constructed at the government offices, police camps, military bases, and so forth.

Design Pattern with Cladding

The compound is another House compound wall design with an extra layer installed with marbles, tiles, and Shera panels to make the wall looks gorgeous.

Ornamental Compound Wall

next one is an ornamental compound wall. Don’t you think everything has gotten fancier? The modern wall design

Precast Compound Wall

the precast walls are the ideal option to consider for a residential boundary. The process of installation of this particular wall is completed within a minimal period,

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